ITatOnce Infrastructure as a Service for Private and Hybrid Cloud

HP CloudSystem Matrix is an important component of HP Converged Cloud, which is a common architectural foundation across traditional IT and private, managed, and public clouds. HP CloudSystem Matrix is the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution to build and manage private and hybrid cloud deployments and is built on proven HP Converged Infrastructure technologies, such as HP BladeSystem, Matrix Operating Environment, and optionally on Cloud Service Automation for Matrix. HP CloudSystem Matrix is optimized for HP ProLiant and HP Integrity Servers as well as HP Storage and HP Networking, but also supports third-party x86 servers, networking, and storage.

Invest in productivity and innovation

If your company is like most companies, you have been adding servers, storage, and networking devices to keep pace with your business demands. You could be spending upwards of 70 percent of your IT budget on operations and maintenance, which means you are spending 30 percent or less on innovation that is critical to growing your business. You don’t have to be captive to unmanageable IT sprawl. Solutions are available today to help you realign traditional technology silos into virtual pools shared by any application and flexible enough to change as business needs evolve. By moving beyond a product-centric approach towards an service-centric private and hybrid cloud model, you can simplify your IT infrastructure. You can build a virtualized, highly automated environment with pools of shared resources that can be leveraged on demand. In addition, you can safely burst workloads to local and public cloud resources when you need additional computational headroom. HP CloudSystem Matrix is the ideal platform for IaaS to deploy private/hybrid clouds that enables you to provision infrastructure and applications in minutes rather than months, resulting in total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of up to 56%. 1 Built on HP Converged Infrastructure, Matrix Operating Environment and optionally HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) for Matrix, CloudSystem Matrix offers a self-service infrastructure portal for auto-provisioning and built-in lifecycle management to optimize infrastructure, monitor applications, and increase uptime for your cloud and traditional IT. Whether you are planning to take your first step towards building an IaaS environment, or are ready to build your private/hybrid cloud to deliver IaaS, consider the CloudSystem Matrix. Investing now means immediate savings and the opportunity to channel your spending toward innovation. CloudSystem Matrix can be easily upgraded to HP CloudSystem Enterprise for advanced application to infrastructure lifecycle management or to HP CloudSystem Service Provider for service aggregation for public or hosted private clouds.

ITatOnce HP automatic IaaS provision

ITatOnce 108 minutes for one administrator to automatically provision infrastructure for an e-shopping application that, with traditional infrastructure, took 33 days

Provision infrastructure and applications in minutes for physical and virtual environments

CloudSystem Matrix simplifies the deployment of applications and business services by delivering IT capacity through requests from a self-service portal. The highly automated Matrix Operating Environment (OE) instantly adjusts to dynamic business demands by enabling rapid design, provisioning, and modification of a complex infrastructure in minutes. It then optimizes IT capacity across physical and virtual environments while helping to provide a predictable quality of service. As the e-shopping application example below shows, you can provision a complex multi‑tier application infrastructure in less than two hours.2 And CloudSystem Matrix lets you scale to up to 12,000 virtual machines with a federated CMS.

With the optional Cloud Service Automation for Matrix — a combination of HP Server Automation and HP SiteScope — you can reduce application provisioning times up to 80 percent3 with one-touch provisioning across infrastructure, applications, and business services. You have physical and virtual automation and provisioning in a single interface. HP CloudSystem Matrix includes built-in multi-tenancy, which allows data center resources to be securely shared between many different tenants or organizations — Matrix provides each organization with its own dedicated environment. Our industry-first, out-of-the-box cloudbursting capability allows an IT administrator to provision services beyond the private cloud, the private cloud managed by Matrix, by “bursting” into a public cloud for a specific template-defined service. The resources in the public cloud are paid for only when used and are released when usage is complete. You benefit by optimizing your costs and using resources beyond the scope of the private cloud only when you need them. Integrated capacity planning and rebalancing tools in the Matrix OE let you quickly adjust and optimize your infrastructure over its lifecycle so that you can confidently make changes without time-consuming analysis. Key data points, such as power draw and CPU and network utilization, are captured every five minutes and used to generate ideal placement scenarios. When combined with built-in rebalancing tools, this can compress weeks or months of tedious planning and implementation. Capacity analytics automatically flags potential problems based on the specific queries you gave it. It can look for over-utilized systems, under-utilized systems, or targeted problems such as systems that will exceed capacity within the next year. Speed counts when you are pressured to meet service levels in a dynamic business environment. In addition, usage data can be collected and extracted for showback, chargeback, and billing purposes. On-demand storage provisioning automatically provisions storage

LUNs during the deployment of a service for both EVA and HP 3PAR Fibre Channel (FC) storage arrays. Hooks within HP Storage, enables automated reporting and management through the same Matrix service catalog used by server administrators. This common approach to resource pool management reduces the time required to provision and deploy infrastructure for IT services. CloudSystem Matrix makes it easier to protect and automatically recover whole services with a range of integrated solutions for availability and disaster recovery. You can rapidly fail over services on HP ProLiant servers and HP Integrity servers, across physical and virtual servers. You can recover blade servers in minutes — not days — with integrated, cost-effective disaster recovery that offers bi-directional failover to physical or virtual machines. With a simple mouse click, you can move services to other servers or sites and back again, greatly improving disaster recovery time.

ITatOnce HP CloudSystem Matrix Build and manage your Infrastructure as a Service

ITatOnce HP CloudSystem Matrix Build and manage your Infrastructure as a Service

Learn more about our innovative, cost-effective Cloud Backup, IT Disaster Recovery and Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions for large and mid-sized organizations. You may also be interested in our Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud as well as our VMware Cloud Hosting – Vblock solution, an integrated part of our Platform as a Service offering, aimed to take the burden away from your IT & finance departments.

About ITatOnce

ITatOnce is a privately held IT Service Provider and Consulting firm headquartered in San Diego, California. Founded in 2008, ITatOnce is committed to provide its clients with forward thinking products and IT solutions. The company’s featured services include IT Consulting Services, IT Managed Services and Cloud Hosting Solutions.

For more information, including company news and customer related information, visit the company’s website.

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