ITatOnce Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

ITatOnce Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery San Diego

ITatOnce systems and storage experts can help you design, implement and test a comprehensive Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan that will enable operations to continue in the event of an outage or disaster. Also, we help you analyze your operational requirements to ensure that your critical applications and data are always available, and your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan meets applicable regulatory requirements. Another important part of your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan is IT Disaster Recovery that we offer to help you deal with and prevent IT downtime.

Operations across your organization – such as communications, supply chain management, business intelligence and commerce – all rely on the power of technology. So when IT disruptions happen, the effects can be disastrous.

Today’s replication tools are inadequate to provide full data and application protection. Synchronous or near-synchronous data replication tools only protect against hardware failures (Hardware High Availability), but do not protect against software or user errors. Stretching the data replication tools to mirror over large distances helps to cover site failures (Disaster Recovery), but offers low data integrity and typically a poor Return on Investment (ROI). Manual backup and restore procedures provide the data integrity but lack reasonable Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives. In addition, the complexity of today’s application landscapes requires in-depth know-how of the detailed system architecture to get the systems back to life.

Our Business Continuity plan enables you to reduce the risk of data loss, minimize application downtime, and provide amazingly fast error recovery – easy to use and cost-effective. It protects your applications, databases, file systems and data center sites independent from the cause and independent from the consequence of the incident: hardware failure, corrupt data, software error or human error. At the same time, even the distance and network between your production and backup system is no boundary.

With ITatOnce’s Business Continuity plan you can be assured that your critical services or products are continually delivered to clients around-the-clock, seven days a week – even in the event of erratic behavior of your IT systems. Also, instead of focusing on resuming a business after critical operations have ceased, or recovering after a disaster, ITatOnce’s Business Continuity plan endeavors to ensure that critical operations continue to be available.

Equally important and critical is the recovery and availability of the data when it is lost due to unforeseen circumstances (disasters, human errors, equipment failures etc.). We work with your business to identify the key data components, and a well thought out and defined strategy to back up this data resulted in efficient Disaster Recovery strategy. We can help you identify a suitable backup product, devise a backup technology based on your business requirements, execute backup jobs, monitor the backups, and provide comprehensive reporting. Handling Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery tasks, we have gained expertise in a variety of backup tools including online backup, image-based backups, tape-based backups, and network storage backups (NAS/SAN).

Protect your valuable information, maintain productivity and speed up recovery through our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services:

  • Cost-Efficient Replication
  • Snapshots Simplify Data Protection
  • Storage-Based Replication
  • Centralized Recovery Plans
  • Automated DR Failover
  • Planned Migration
  • IP Customization
  • Storage Clustering
  • Data Compression & Deduplication
  • Single Execution for Multiple Backup and Recovery Options
  • File-Level Recovery
  • Application-Item-Level Recovery

Also, we offer innovative, cost-effective IT Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions for large and mid-sized organizations. What makes our offering unique is that we deliver one of the broadest, most cost-effective DR solution sets in the industry – enabling you to perform IT Disaster Recovery at the right price and the right recovery times – to meet your organization’s needs.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery consultancy is available to all size businesses in Greater San Diego Area.

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