Vulnerability Assessment with ITatOnce

There seems to be a report of a new software vulnerability being uncovered every day. Software vendors act quickly to rectify these issues, but fixes take time to apply, and may require critical systems be taken down, so get pushed out.

For peace of mind ITatOnce’s Vulnerability Assessment provides a detailed report on exposed vulnerabilities and other issues on every device in your network, along with resolution recommendations from our professional engineers.

ITatOnce Vulnerability Assessment

Key Features

  • Industry Leading software. Knowing you are protected from the latest known vulnerabilities with intelligently updated audits database that include a 48-hour SLA for critical vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize and streamline remediation. Risk scoring and prescriptive guidance on issues through executive and task specific reporting speeds time to repair issues
  • Vulnerability landscape. Goes beyond application security identifies patch, configuration, hardware and operating system level vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive Reporting. Detailed reports provide prescriptive guidance and recommendations to ensure that corrective action can be taken in a timely fashion
  • Support and guidance. The assessment is the starting point. Security, configuration and compliance are always changing. We ensure your IT assets and infrastructure are protected

Benefits of a Vulnerability Assessment

  • Nonintrusive

We perform a scan of your entire network without interrupting your day-to-day business or device operation. The environment is assessed, capturing established security controls along with any vulnerabilities or configuration violations that impact the network.

  • Prioritize what’s important

Following the assessment a detailed report provides high/medium/low rankings of vulnerabilities that have been identified enabling you to address the most critical issues first, to secure your environment.

  • Address issues quickly

In addition to prioritizing problems the assessment also provides prescriptive advice to assist in remediating the found issues. This helps to accelerate the time to address identified issues. It’s like having your own consultant, at a fraction of the cost!

  • Reduce operating costs

A security incident can paralyze your business. Identifying and removing this risk will save you money!

  • Total peace of mind

Knowing that your network is protected from the latest known vulnerabilities and you are partnered with team of experts that can protect your network 24/7.

About ITatOnce

ITatOnce is a privately held IT Service Provider and Consulting firm headquartered in San Diego, California. Founded in 2008, ITatOnce is committed to provide its clients with forward thinking products and IT solutions. The company’s featured services include IT Consulting Services, IT Managed Services and Cloud Hosting Solutions.

For more information, including company news and customer related information, visit the company’s website.

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