Solutions for real-world IT Problems

Like all businesses, you depend on your IT network. But you don’t want to end up spending more time dealing with everyday IT problems than running your business. The disruption caused by a hard drive failure or the time taken to remove a virus from a PC can rapidly consume your business day.

Your technology needs to be as flexible as your business, so we developed our À la carte IT support program. The À la carte program allows you to customize your support and service needs directly related to your critical business services, all at a cost-effective price.

Do these issues plague your business?

  • Wasted time? Do your staff productivity levels drop dramatically during IT outages, interruptions or failures?
  • Security fears? Worried that vulnerable servers, laptops or PCs may be putting your organization at or company data at risk?
  • Lost data? What would be the impact of a hardware failure or if a laptop was stolen and critical business data was lost?
  • Network neglected? Is yours perceived as a “necessary evil” and not as integral to improving business performance?
  • Regulatory pressures? Do you have to demonstrate compliance or provide audit data?

Our À la carte offering allows you to select individual services that meet specific needs within your business.  Simply work with us to determine what services make sense for you, and we’ll ensure that you have a solution tailored to your needs. You know your business better than anyone, so we put the decision and purchasing power in your hands!

Our enterprise-class IT support and monitoring capabilities empower us to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and resolve network problems or failures. This translates into increased employee productivity and cost savings for you. In some cases, problems can be avoided before they even happen.

Program Features:

  • Flexible & Customized solutions allow you to select and combine only the services that meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Vulnerability Assessment provides detailed analysis of your IT infrastructure to identify potential areas of vulnerability and to help with mitigation and protection. Detailed analysis of your IT network ensures your business is not exposed to external threats and any applicable compliance requirements are being addressed.
  • Security Management 80% of all email is spam and spam is the #1 vector for delivering a virus to a machine. We make sure your anti-virus software is doing its job and is up-to date and protect your network from unwanted email and spam. While Managed Anti-spam offers perimeter protection preventing unwanted email and spam from reaching your network or users, managed Anti-virus is of great value when it comes to total desktop security based on Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Hosted Intrusion Protection.
  • Managed Backup ensures the backup of your important corporate data occurs as scheduled and without error, protecting your organization from data damage or loss. Apply industry best-practices for the protection of your data against loss through regular on-site backup.
  • Managed Replication is an off-site replication of your data that provides additional layer of protection in the event of a disaster at your site. Critical data and restore information is housed in our secure data center.
  • Managed Audits Meeting ongoing security, audit and regulatory compliance requirements can be time-consuming and expensive. Managed Audits provides periodic assessment and reports on your network vulnerability, compliance and configuration status
  • Expert Management is critical to the success of any IT system or process.  All of our solutions are managed & monitored by our Network Operations Center staff.

Program Advantages:

  • Safe and protected computing environment: We can ensure patches and antivirus updates for your PCs have been installed, prevent spam from reaching your network reducing the likelihood of your network being compromised.
  • Business continuity: Data back up services provide peace-of-mind knowing all critical business and customer data can be quickly restored.
  • Lets you focus on your business: We can be your networking watchdog, enabling you to focus on your core business activities instead of managing a network or its problems.
  • Fewer emergency calls and network issues: With our services, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in the number of emergency and network incidents that can impact your business operations.

About ITatOnce

ITatOnce is a privately held IT Service Provider and Consulting firm headquartered in San Diego, California. Founded in 2008, ITatOnce is committed to provide its clients with forward thinking products and IT solutions. The company’s featured services include IT Consulting Services, IT Managed Services and Cloud Hosting Solutions.

For more information, including company news and customer related information, visit the company’s website.

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