Reasons to Select the Right Data Center Colocation Facility

The best way to evade the problems associated with over-crowded data centers is to simply choose a data center colocation facility. There are many factors to select the colocation facility. So, here we will familiar with such kind of features of data center colocation facility.

Nowadays, communications and data access are essential for all kinds of business operations. Websites, email & messaging services, and servers have to be up and protected for business communications to function. Data centers are house mission-critical infrastructure – the most crucial parts of the company network, like servers and databases – must maintain the power, climate-control as well as connectivity that network infrastructure demands.

The data center colocation facility should have superfluous systems, with adequate capacity, at every point of operation, from ambiance control systems to network equipment. Having several units for to handle capacity is not the same as redundancy. All systems should be in an n+1 configuration i.e. if there are two units, they should both run at less than 50% capacity so that if one fails, the other can still handle the load; if there are three units, then they should be at 66% capacity.

Following factors determine the quality of a colocation center’s Internet connectivity:

  • The number of Internet backbones
  • Total available bandwidth
  • Latency, packet loss, and jitter
  • Uptime

Why to choose data center colocation facility?

* Precision-controlled air-conditioning systems with incorporated redundancy

* 24×7 power back-up systems for all equipment to ensure zero downtime or minimal disruption in operations due to power failure

* High-capacity, reliable power generators

*  State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems to guard against potential losses due to fire

*  Sophisticated onsite security through surveillance cameras and advanced biometric systems to prevent unauthorized entry

*  Networking equipment including state-of-the-art, fully redundant high-end switches and routers, BGP4 routing for optimal path selection and full redundancy, etc.

Moreover, small and medium companies have a lot to gain by opting for colocation data center facility. For one, there is an enormous amount of money to be saved (between 25%-75%) on infrastructure, technology and human resources. This leaves them free to concentrate on their core business areas.

By utilizing collocation services in a data center facility, you will realize an immediate benefit in terms of costs saving and improved redundancy.

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