Key Role of Managed Hosting Services

Dedicated hosting services or managed hosting services are one types of web hosting where a server is possessed by an individual or a client; however, it is shared with anyone else.

There are many online sources through which one can avail with the benefit of managed hosting. These hosting companies offer the server administration as add on services and on the other hand a dedicated server provides less overhead (sometimes help to get large ROI). These hosting services are not only vital for web owners but they are also important for the web hosting companies.

Nowadays, with the help of various dedicated servers, many of web development as well as designing companies are able to offer managed hosting services to the customers. If you are running your own business then to have advantages of managed hosting becomes essential. To get the dedicated service provider, you have to just sign up with a provider where they will give you your own database management system with control panel, and operating system on your server.

Following are few of managed hosting services:

– Managed Windows Server hosting

– VMware ESX Virtualization hosting

– Exchange 2010 Cluster hosting

– SQL Server 2008 Cluster hosting

– Web Load Balance hosting

– SAN Storage hosting

– Data Protection

These dedicated hosting services are preferable for companies who rely only for web services. Managed hosting provider has specialties to offer implementation and maintenance of servers at cost-effective platform.

Benefits of managed hosting service:

– Save time.

– Provide security and back up schema.

– Reliable and there is no risk of overload.

– Offer additional level of support like administration.

– Help organization or company to be more productive so in this way it is cost effective.

– In case of unfavorable circumstances provide a critical added security and data back up system.

– Monitoring of hardware, system and the network on 24×7 platform by the experts or professionals.

– Protect the websites from the attack of viruses and other issues related to network problem.

Managed hosting services are available in lots of attractive package deals. So as per sized of your business and budget you can select the right package that fits in your business requirements.

About Author:

ITatOnce is California (San Diego) based an Information Technology consulting and staffing provider. We stand with qualified experts who have specializing in Information Technology. Our team of IT managers, project coordinators, systems engineers and training experts are devoted to offer the highest quality service as well as support. With the goal of  offering a 24/7 It service by professionally trained technicians we are committed to protect your business and focus more on its growth.

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