ITatOnce Introduced Innovative IT Solution – New Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Service

Recently, ITatOnce has dedicatedly introduced an innovative IT Solution called “Managed Dedicated Server Hosting” service. By offering this pioneer web server solution once again ITatOnce has proved that it is the leading IT platform for all kind of IT solutions.

Managed dedicated server hosting offered by ITatOnce is competent to fit in all kinds of business irrespective of its size (small, medium and large). By hiring the managed dedicated server hosting you will not only have excellent maintenance as well as monitoring of the server, but you will have strong customer support from the hosting provider.

Whether your business requires a single dedicated server or a highly available, composite hosted infrastructure, managed dedicated server hosting services will give you the freedom to focus on your business goals rather than worrying about your IT infrastructure.

Benefits of managed dedicated server from ITatOnce:

Query solution at first call: No need to be in queue for any kind of your query. Moreover, if you need a certified team of experts to take personal ownership of support incidents for your most important servers, we are ready to respond 24×7.

One-hour guaranteed hardware replacement Service Level Agreement (SLA): It will provide you with peace of mind, knowing we will have your failed components exchanged within one hour of receiving your service request.

Backup management: If you require a restore or you’d like to customize your backup scheduling, our team is available to assist you around the clock

Server monitoring and reaction: Our monitoring team is constantly on standby watching for service notifications from your server. If a critical fault is detected any time of day or night, they immediately jump into action to resolve the service issue.

Furthermore, ITatOnce works together with clients to translate business strategy into the right IT plan which allows our team of managed dedicated server hosting to offer you the industry best web solution for your business.

If you are looking for more information about our diverse services and products then please do visit



About ItatOnce:

ITatOnce is Information Technology consulting and staffing provider situated at San Diego, California. It is devoted to offer specific Information Technology services on 24x7x365 platform. Creative team of IT managers, project coordinators, systems engineers and training experts of ITatOnce are dedicated to supply the highest quality service as well as support at first attempt without fail.


Corporate Headquarters:

16776 Bernardo Center Drive,

Suite #203,

San Diego, CA 92128


(858) 435 2777


(858) 733 1012

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