With Managed Hosting, We Become an Extension of Your Team

Solutions Designed Specifically for Your Business, Which Enables You to Retain Control of Your IT Infrastructure.

Our methodically designed delivery model applies best practice principles to Managed Hosting with solutions engineered by experts who focus on repeatability, and provide the highest levels of quality, performance and value. You are able to offload the essential maintenance of your backend systems to our certified technical professionals, so your IT infrastructure gains

peak performance and on-demand scalability without the costs typically associated with buying, staffing and maintaining these systems yourself. We also rigorously track and measure your systems to optimize performance.


Managed Hosting is taken to a new level of professionalism by adopting a proactive methodology that goes beyond the typical reactive support mentality of other providers. That means in-depth business and technology planning sessions, systems architecture designed to fit your needs, proactive management and protection of your IT systems for maximum performance, and regular reports and reviews of the health of your systems to discover new ways to improve the effectiveness of your infrastructure.


Our Methodology Encompasses Four Key Phases:

Assess – Every managed hosting client starts with an in-depth business and technology planning session that establishes our relationship based on a thorough understanding of your business and technology goals. We examine your current and future business expectations and how they will impact your technology needs. The result is an IT implementation plan that aligns with your business requirements and includes alternate scenarios should circumstances change.

Design – Based on your business/technology goals we develop a comprehensive design of your systems architecture that will satisfy your specific needs today and tomorrow. We build your infrastructure from the ground up putting together the optimal solution from our world-class data centers, network and team of IT experts. At the same time, we develop the processes that define how we will work together as an extension of your IT team.

Maintain – Our dedicated team of certified and seasoned IT experts provide industry specific experience with Internet-based businesses to proactively advise and manage your account. That way, you can focus on your business knowing that your IT systems will follow best practices and perform as promised. Protection of your IT assets is secure by design and built into everything that we do, enabling us to anticipate and mitigate risks to properly secure your IT infrastructure and prevent breaches, outages or compliance violations.

Measure – Managed Hosting, measurement is built into our IT best practices so that we have the necessary benchmark data to properly report the status of IT systems along with critical trends that contribute to anticipating and preparing for future changes. We schedule regular reports as well as quarterly “white-board” meetings to review results and explore ways to improve operating procedures and technology performance.

The Dedicated Support Team

Your support team is comprised of industry professionals who work directly with you to create and manage your solution. They incorporate both best practices and years of experience with each specific system in your environment, so you gain the advantage of a superior IT staff without the added cost of employment. No longer will you have to deal with anonymous call center reps, frustrating transfers or delayed responses. The Managed Hosting support team is your support for the best and the brightest professionals in the business, dedicated to making your life easier and more practice.

With your dedicated support team, you gain access to:

  • Direct-line and unlimited access to your personal support team
  • 24 x 7 support availability
  • Focused execution from engineers who hold certifications in respective areas of expertise
  • A team that acts as a first line of defense against monitored alerts

The Core Support Team

Technical Account Manager – Your Technical Account Manager is the frontline for your business relationship with our Managed Hosting and will know the intricate details of your business needs better than anyone. Having a dedicated person assigned to your account gives you the advantage of personal service mixed with the power of individual responsibility.

Senior Systems Engineer – The Senior Systems Engineer is a highly specialized individual who can guide you to capitalize on the performance and efficiency of your systems. With platform-specific knowledge and the ability to leverage industry best practices, the Senior Systems Engineer can blend security, performance and architecture to create the optimal environment for your needs.

Senior Database Administrator – The Senior Database Administrator gives you invaluable insight into the world of databases. They are industry experts with the knowledge to optimize the performance, growth, monitoring and backup of your databases. Working with your DBA, this person will complement your staff and become a primary resource for maximizing the effectiveness of your databases.

Senior Network Security Engineer – The Senior Network Security Engineer is your resource for all things network-related. They work with you to provide a solid base on which to build your network environment, with a specific mindset focused on your business strategy. They take the time to consider how best practices and industry standards can be applied to maximize your network security needs.

Your Extended Support Team – An addition to the proactive management that we provide as an extension of your IT team, your named and dedicated Core Support Team will also have access to a team of certified specialists assisting to optimize your hosted environment. Under the guidance of your core support team, this group of subject matter experts serve as the perfect complement of specialized expertise to further deliver the methodology.

  • Network Operations Specialist
  • Storage and Backup Engineer
  • Systems Monitoring Specialist
  • Data Center Operations Engineer
  • Change Control Manager
  • Billing Specialist

Industry-Leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Your dedicated team of engineers works tirelessly to proactively manage your hosted environment and help you avoid reactive exercises. We are confident in its ability to consistently deliver service to its customers. We back this promise in writing through our Managed Hosting SLA.

  • 100% network and power uptime with industry-leading track record
  • 1-hour hardware replacement
  • 15-minute critical incident response
  • Credits provided for up to the total of your monthly bill

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